Medication can be an important part of managing health conditions and diseases. Sometimes the list of different medications can be long, and may be required at different times in the day which can make it difficult to manage.

We can support with prompting and administrating of medication. This can be part of other services you receive from us such as personal care visits or it can be arranged on a stand-alone basis. All our home support workers receive medication training to enable them to safely prompt medication.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Prompting medication at the correct times with the correct dosage

  • Recording medication intake

  • Prompting medication with varying dosages such as warfarin

  • Prescribed pain patch application

  • Prescription pain relief sprays

  • Prescription creams and ointments

  • Prescribed nutritional supplements such as fortisip drinks and thickeners

  • Eye drops or creams / ear drops or creams / nose spray

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