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Our history

Millennium Homecare Services Ltd was initially founded in 1993 under the name of Care 4 Generations by Lynda Barksby. Lynda began her care career by helping out a friend whom had a residential care home, just one night she said, in 1987. One night lead to two, two to three and from here a career progression into a mental health unit, community care and finally to the creation of the care company later to be known as Millennium Homecare Services Ltd. Lynda gained recognition as the youngest Domiciliary provider to achieve accreditation with Derbyshire County Council at the age of 24. In October 1999 Lynda merged with another care company, believing this to be the best way forward in creating a stronger care company aimed at providing a service second to none across Derbyshire. Unfortunately, and for varying reasons, this merger was not to be a long-standing relationship and in January 2000, dissolved. Millennium Homecare Services was the re-birth of this experience and where Lisa Gale joined as joint Director.

Millennium Homecare Services are like no other provider, the service we maintain is second to none, and our personal values are behind the wheel of our well organised care company.

Why do we stand out; at Millennium we work as a solid team, from front line workers, office staff and management, one cannot function without the other and the service user and their families are always at the forefront of our daily working lives. Our team work creates efficiency, reliability, commitment, trust, honesty, loyalty and patience and from these values, the whole of Millennium unites to create a care company that overflows with PRIDE, SATISFACTION and RECOGNITION. 


We welcome your family, your friends and you to Millennium Homecare Services Ltd.