Meal preparation

Meal Preparation

We can provide a range of support to meet your nutritional needs. Your preferences and needs can be built into your support plan. We can detail your likes and dislikes and our support workers will offer a variety of foods and drinks ensure that your needs are met.


Examples of the support we can provide includes:


  • Meal preparation (hot and cold meals, snacks)

  • Advance meal preparation (sandwiches can be made at lunch visits and placed in the fridge ready for tea-time)

  • Serving meals

  • Meal planning

  • Grocery shopping (depending on your circumstances we may be able go with you so you can choose the food yourself)

  • Support with dietary needs

  • Support with feeding

  • Support with hydration (we can also use fluid charts to record fluid input/output)

  • Washing up and putting crockery away


All our support workers complete food hygiene training and are able to use microwaves, cookers and ovens to prepare meals.

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