Care Services


At Millennium Homecare services we offer a range of services, this includes


  • Personal Care – Personal care is a vital aspect of your Health and Wellbeing, but as we grow old gracefully or in the event of an accident or operation, managing our basic needs can bring with it some challenges.  It is understood that receiving help with personal care is difficult, to reduce the impact of this we provide continuity of care with support workers. This enables you to build a trusting relationship, sharing with them your likes and dislikes, it is through nurturing these events that the support you require will become part of your shared time rather than a task. 


  • Meal preparation – Imagine, your own personal chef, whilst we cannot provide an executive chef, Millennium offer a service that will support you with preparing a diet of your choice or in maintaining specialist dietary requirements. 


  • Housekeeping – Our homes are where we feel most settled, amongst our memories, comforts and sometimes our pets?  Is help needed or required within your home? decluttering, washing, Ironing, cupboard cleaning, hoovering, polishing, and assisting with paying bills are some of the areas that we can support with.


  • Medication – Support with ordering and collecting prescriptions through to prompting prescribed medication at regular intervals. This can be as part of a care package or a stand alone service.


  • Overnight care – Having someone to stay with you overnight can be in the way of a waking night, where the support worker remains awake, or as a sleep in (sleeping area would need to be provided). A sleep in allows for the worker to assist you up to three times during the agreed period (usually 10pm to 7am).


  • Companionship / Appointments – We all enjoy sharing our stories, thoughts, wishes and memories with someone, Millennium can provide staff to share these times with you, participate in hobbies and interests. Assist you in accessing appointments as required.


  • Respite – Respite care is often requested when you are supported by, or live with family members and they are planning on taking a break.