We are all different

We are all different

Our promise to Service Users and their loved ones


As one of Derbyshire’s main providers and larger employers within the care sector Millennium Homecare wishes to raise awareness of difficulties faced by some minority groups. 

When thinking about accepting support from a care provider, for the vast majority, as a rule,  the most daunting aspect is letting strangers into your home, for some there are additional concerns, concerns that could have a huge impact on the care they receive if inclusivity is not important.  The main thing is feeling secure and safe when you are vulnerable, that you can just be who you are, and people accept that.

Anatomical differences as a trans person can bring further dilemmas, especially if intimate care is required.  Again, Millennium raise awareness of the diversity among trans people; some will have spent most of their lives with a gender identity and body other than the one assigned at birth while for others this may be a relatively recent transition.  Others might not have undergone any form of gender reassignment surgery.

Home is a safe place and it’s where most of us choose to be cared for if at all possible.  We want you to know that if that time has come, you can be yourself and feel secure with whomever you chose to share that time with.  Our Empathic staff will ensure you can be confident that the care you receive is person centred, YOUR choices, YOUR wishes, YOUR hopes and YOUR loved ones


Our promise to our Staff


Work is often where we spend most of our days, (an awful thought, yes, I know).  It’s the place we meet new people, learn and grow.  For some people (LGBT) it can also be a place of apprehension, where they feel unable to be themselves, but it can also be a safe haven, perhaps the place where they first come out.  LGBT people who feel able to bring their whole selves to their workplace have increased energy, better performance, and stronger relationships with peers. 

Millennium Homecare recognises the importance in inclusivity within the team and based on this have introduced LGBT Champions within our community support workers, they can be identified by their rainbow flag badge, LGBT employees can recognise that if they faced prejudice or awkwardness, it would help them feel there was someone they could speak to who could advocate on their behalf. 



  • PEER-TO-PEER SUPPORT – providing a space for LGBT employees to support each other, express concerns they may have, and spend time around people who understand their experiences, access the support they need and to grow in confidence.

  • AWARENESS RAISING – promoting a better understanding of LGBT inclusion and making LGBT experiences more visible in Millennium Homecare. This can empower all employees to step up as allies and improve the workplace culture for everyone within Millennium Homecare

  • SETTING UP AN LGBT EMPLOYEE NETWORK GROUP ACCOUNTABILITY – scrutinising Millenniums policies and processes, feeding back concerns, and suggesting how these can be improved. Giving LGBT employees a critical voice and help ensure that LGBT inclusion is embedded in Millennium Homecare